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Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

The power generation plant in Yanbu Industrial City has a capacity of 1,030 megawatts. It is a diversified facility to ensure greater reliability. There are nine gas turbine units – eight of 56.2 MW each and one of 68 MW – with a total capacity of 517.6 megawatt. The plant also has three steam turbine units of 127.5 MW each with total capacity of 382.5 MW, and one steam turbine unit of 130 MW. The steam turbine units are capable of supplying auxiliary steam for the adjacent desalination plant in case of emergency.

Two additional steam turbine units are under construction, which will add 500 megawatt to the plant’s total capacity.

The electric generators deliver power at 13.8kV to the main transformers that step up the voltage to 115 kV and connect the power to a 115kV switchyard.

The gas turbines use sales gas as main fuel for power generation, with diesel (Light Fuel Oil) serving as back-up fuel. The steam turbines use heavy fuel oil (HFO) as primary fuel.

The gas turbines are linked to five heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) that produce 811 t/h of steam. They supply process steam to the desalination and steam turbine plants. Steam is also relayed to the heavy fuel oil tanks at the tank farm to keep the oil at the desired temperature for pumping.

Two 4.2 MW black-start diesel generator units are available to restore the power supply in case of a wide-area outage.

The power complex also has a hydrogen plant consisting of two hydrogen generators. Each has a production capacity of 424 standard cubic feet per hour (scfh) of 99 percent purity hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is used in the petrochemical industry, mostly for fossil fuel processing and ammonia production.

Power transmission and distribution is done through an underground network of 115KV, 34.5KV and 13.8KV cables. The Yanbu Industrial City transmission and distribution network is interconnected with the 380KV grid of Saudi Electric Company at SWCC Yanbu through a 380KV intertie between Marafiq’s power plant and the SWCC switchyard.

Marafiq has a customer base of about 15,000 power consumers of different categories in Yanbu, which is growing at a rate of approximately 250 consumers per year.


Saudi Electric Company (SEC) supplies Jubail Industrial City with electricity through a 1,716 kilometre transmission and distribution network. Consumption ranges from 831 to 1,613 megawatts. SEC supplies power to 16,500 consumers representing industries, households, commercial installations and public facilities.