Customer Relations

Marafiq proudly provides power and utility services to industrial cities within Saudi Arabia‭, ‬which hosts some of the world’s largest hydrocarbon corporations in Yanbu and Jubail‭. ‬Marafiq successfully meets the demands of around 42,200‭ ‬residential customers and approximately 271‭ ‬industrial customers in Jubail and Yanbu‭. ‬One of Marafiq’s core values is customer focused‭; ‬this means that it is committed to building healthy and sustainable relationships with its customers that will generate long-term mutual benefits‭.‬

Marafiq strives to continuously improve its services to its customers‭; ‬in this regard‭, ‬it has launched a comprehensive eservices‭ ‬application for its customers‭. ‬This application supports Marafiq in being more proactive in anticipating the customers’‭ ‬needs and resolving issues faster‭, ‬it provides a channel for Marafiq to respond to its customers in a practical and meaningful‭ ‬way‭. ‬For more information about the eservices application click HERE.