Training & Development

Marafiq is committed to the development of their employee’s by implement first class training programs using various training methodologies to enhancing their knowledge and skills. These specialized training programs are based on the actual needs derived from the annual training need analysis process, and scheduled on an annual training calendar:
Type of Training & Development Programs

In-House Training Programs

Presented in our own In-House resources and being presented at both our Jubail and Yanbu Training Facilities. We cover Management, Technical and various other programs like Safety, Fire, etc.

External Training Programs

To enhance and polish the skills and abilities of our employees associated with modern and technology advance in management, technical and quality systems. These programs taken out of Marafiq premises and specialized in our employee’s respective fields. In addition to all of that, we also participate in conferences and workshops throughout the world to enhance our employee skills, network within the industry and to present Marafiq on a National and International platform.

Cooperation Program with Universities and Colleges (Coop)
This program aims to expose students from universities and colleges to the real life work environment and apply the theoretical knowledge they gained from their study. Student performance is monitoring and evaluated by both his company supervisor and his academic advisor at the Institute.

On-the-Job Training
The Purpose of this program is to provide the newly joined employees to hands- on practical experience skills to enable them to carry out tasks independently with quality and efficiency.
E-learning System
E-Learning is used interchangeably in a wide variety of contexts. In companies, it refers to the strategies that use the company network to deliver training courses to employees. In Marafiq, it is defined as a planned teaching or learning experience that uses a wide spectrum of technologies, mainly Internet or computer-based, to reach learners.

Leadership Development Program

To develop effective leaders according to Marafiq Leadership Competency Model and designed approaches at all function levels, to be aligned with Marafiq’s mission and vision of the future, and who are able to meet the challenges of today’s ever changing business needs, and who will contribute to Marafiq’s continuous growth and long–term success.

Career Paths

Marafiq aims to maximize employee engagement levels by providing our people with a clear route showing the potential advancement opportunities available to them and identifying what new competencies are required to be considered for promotion in the future. To achieve this goal we are currently designing a Career Paths framework that will cover every job position in the company showing the vertical, diagonal and horizontal career moves available to each employee according to their current job position. Employees will be able to view their own individual Career Path using a new online system supported by the company’s training, performance review and promotion procedures.

Professional Development Program (PDP)

Marafiq has been operating a best practice program for many years to recruit and develop new Saudi employees, who have recently graduated with university degrees, for Target Positions at the entry level for professional staff. The philosophy of this program is that leadership occurs at all levels and that the optimal learning occurs through on-the-job coaching and development supported by experienced staff in the same department as the PDP’s target position.

The PDP provides a series of training courses and on-the-job work assignments as part of a structured Individual Development Plan (IDP) to transfer experiences, skills, and competencies to new graduates, in order to develop individual expertise and enhance performance and productivity.  Through challenging assignments, training, and career development, Marafiq aims to build tomorrow's leaders from today's PDP participants.

Talent Management & Succession Planning

Here at Marafiq, we believe in optimizing the potential of our people and have established special management committees to identify and develop high potential employees for advancement into management positions. Employees meeting the required eligibility criteria are included in one of the company’s management talent pools for further assessment and development as required as part of the succession planning process for target positions within management level. Assessments include online psychometric questionnaires, competency-based interviews and group assessment centers to help select the best candidates and provide valuable developmental feedback to all participants. The company’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) provides support by helping high potential employees to close any development needs identified during their assessments and enhance the quality of candidates available for succession planning.

Organizational Development (OD)

Marafiq has established a special team within the Human Capital Development department to enhance organizational effectiveness by continually improving the company’s policies/procedures across a range of important OD areas including; Employee Recognition, Employee Performance, Further Education, Professional Certification, Job Descriptions/Evaluation and the CEO’s Company Core Value Awards. The company has also developed a detailed framework of behavioral and technical competencies, defined at four levels of proficiency and mapped to each job position to support the competency development of all employees at every level.