Training & Development

Marafiq is committed to the development of its employees by implementing first-class training programs to enhance employee's knowledge, skills, and competencies. This is achieved through various methods of training using the latest training methodologies, concepts, information, and techniques. These specialized training programs are based on the business needs and are scheduled on a yearly training calendar.

Type of Training and Development

In-House Training Programs

Training courses conducted by internal resources at Marafiq Academy.

Imported Training Programs (3rd Party)

Training courses conducted by external resources at Marafiq Academy.

External Training Programs

Sending Marafiq employees to attend specialized training courses globally.

Conference (Non-classroom)

Marafiq participates in conferences and workshops throughout the world for knowledge enhancement and networking within the industry to present Marafiq at national and international platforms.

e-learning System

e-Learning is used interchangeably in a wide variety of contexts. It is generally referred to as strategies that use the company network to deliver training courses to employees. In Marafiq, it is defined as a planned teaching or learning experience that uses a broad spectrum of technologies to teach the employees.

On-the-Job Training
The purpose of this program is to provide the newly joined employees with hands-on or practical experience skills to enable them to carry out tasks independently with quality and efficiency.

Training Category

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Technical
  • Fire
  • Safety
  • English
  • Soft Skills

Cooperation Program with Universities and Colleges (Coop)
This program aims to expose students from universities and colleges to the real-life work environment and apply the theoretical knowledge they gained from their study. Student performance is monitored and evaluated by both Marafiq supervisor and the academic advisor at the institute.