Procurement and Contracts

Welcome to Marafiq (Power and Water Utility Company for Jubail and Yanbu) Suppliers and Contractors Relations website.


Marafiq offers the opportunity to become a registered vendor. In order to be included in the approved list of vendors and manufacturers to supply needed materials, spare parts, tools, and equipment required to carry out its works.

To enable Marafiq to know the potentials and capabilities of the vendors in all aspects, you are requested to complete the “Request For Information Form” by clicking the link below and to complete all the necessary and required fields to accurately assess your business capabilities.


Please note that completion of the initial stage of RFI assessment or going through online supplier/contractor registration does not guarantee that your company will receive RFQs/RFPs or POs/Contracts from Marafiq, nor does it confer "Approved" status as a Marafiq supplier. It is the first step of the mandatory process for doing business with Marafiq. You may be contacted in accordance with our business needs.

Download the excel file for RFI.

Please complete the attached excel to capture your business relevant activities defined in your business commercial registration and recent experience and, email it to


Note: Marafiq server does not accept Zip Files or excel sheets, or links. Therefore, please submit only PDF files not exceeding 5 MB for each e-mail.