Marafiq signed an Industrial Water Supply Agreement (IWSA) to supply water to the Sadara facility on a ‘Build, Own and Operate’ basis for 20 years. This is the first plant that is built and operated by Marafiq within the customer’s fence. The Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plant uses Reverse Osmosis technology, and is located on the Sadara premises in Jubail 2. The plant receives seawater from Marafiq’s seawater supply network to Jubail 2. Marafiq had awarded EPC and O&M contracts to SIDEM, which is part of the internationally reputed Veolia French group. The SWRO plant is designed and built for a peak of 178,560 m3/day, which notably increases Marafiq’s desalinated water production capacity in Jubail.

Marafiq was always in full readiness to supply the water needed by Sadara for their world class Integrated Petrochemical Complex facility in Jubail 2. Marafiq started supplying water to Sadara from its network since early 2014 and from the partially commissioned SWRO plant from February 2016. Despite the challenges faced during the execution, the project achieved full commercial operation in December 2016, and has been continuously meeting all pf Sadara’s needs.

The water supply project is in its full operation phase since December 2016 and water is supplied to Sadara in an uninterrupted manner. The tremendous efforts and commitments from every member of the project team towards health, safety and environment has led to the project achieving several million safe man-hours without any Lost-Time-Injury to date.

Marafiq SWRO plant in Sadara complex is a key project for Marafiq and Sadara is one of its valued strategic partners.