Wastewater Network

The total network length is approximately 1,200 km for sanitary and industrial wastewater. All wastewater is collected through a pipeline network into a series of pumps and lifting stations located in the community and industrial areas. Marafiq also receives sanitary wastewater from the Jubail town. The critical pump stations and lifting stations are equipped with Odor Control Units. The wastewater is delivered to the two respective treatment plants. There are two kinds of wastewater treatment plants in Jubail Industrial City mainly the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (IWTP8) and the Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWTP9).

Both plants use preliminary, secondary, and biological treatment processes with filtration and disinfection. Stage-3 of IWTP-8 is equipped with advanced treatment through Fenton and Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) in order to comply with the latest regulation from the Royal Commission. 


The Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat incoming industrial wastewater from industries in the Jubail Industrial City. It has a design capacity of 148,000 cubic meters per day.


The Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat incoming sanitary wastewater from industries, community area and Jubail town. It has a design capacity of 159,000 cubic meters per day.

Treated Water

The treated effluent from both the plants is being utilized for landscape irrigation mainly by the Royal Commission. The standard of irrigation water is maintained as per the Royal Commission Environmental Regulation (RCER).