The Power Generation Facility at Yanbu Industrial City (Yanbu-1 & Yanbu-2) has been diversified for extra reliability. With total installed capacity of 2,032 MW. The present facility consists of nine gas turbine units out of which eight units are of 56.2 MW each and ninth units is of 68 MW, therefore, total capacity from gas turbine is 517.6 MW. There are three steam turbine units in (YI) and three steam turbine units in (YII), for (YI) two units are of 275 MW each and third steam turbine unit is of 138 MW with total Capacity 688 MW, for (YII) three units are of 275 MW, therefore, total capacity from steam turbine in (YII) is 825 MW.

The electric generators deliver power at 13.8 kV to main transformers, which step up the voltage to 115 kV and connected to 115 kV switchyard.

The gas turbines are using sales gas as a main fuel for power generation while diesel (LFO) is available as a backup. Steam turbines are generating power through heavy fuel oil (HFO) as a primary fuel.

The gas turbines provided with five heat recovery steam generators, produces 811 t/h steam, supplying process steam to desalination plant, heavy fuel oil tanks in tank farm area and steam turbine plant. Each HRSG can receive exhaust gases from only one gas turbine while the other gas turbine is operating either in simple cycle mode or on standby.

Moreover, there are two 4.2 MW Black start diesel generator units available to enable restoration of the power supply in case of black out.

In addition, there is a Hydrogen plant consists of four Hydrogen Generators, two plant in Yanbu I which can produce 424 SCFH Pure Hydrogen gas 99% purity from each generator and two plant in Yanbu II with half capacity of Yanbu I. This hydrogen gas is used for cooling of electric generators of gas and steam turbines.

The steam turbine units are supplying auxiliary steam for desalination plant in Yanbu II and some auxiliary steam during emergency in Yanbu I.