Power Generation in the Yanbu Industrial City started with the construction of the Power Plant in Yanbu 1. This Power Plant commenced its operation in the early 1980s. Initially, the Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) 1-8 was commissioned in the year 1982, to meet the growing demand STG 1-3 were added during 1984-85. The power generation was more than sufficient until the mid-1990s, as many industries considered Yanbu as a leading destination to start their industrial businesses. As the power increased over time, GTG 9 was added in the year 1999. Further industrial expansion warranted additional power, and STG 4 was also added to the generation line-up, and it started commercial operations in the year 2007.

Since 2010, the industrial expansions in Yanbu continue to develop, where the demand for power is steadily growing. In order to meet the growing market demand and to prepare for the future, STG 5 & 6 were added to Yanbu 1, and commercial operations started in the year 2014. The power plant in Yanbu 1 covers an area of approximately 900 m x 700 m and currently has nine GTGs and six Steam Turbine Generators (STG 1-6). As the old STG 1-3 has been retired, the Yanbu 1 power plant runs presently on GTG 1-9 and STG 4-6 with a power generation capacity of 1,207 MW.


The Power Plant in Yanbu 2 is located about 15 km southeast to the existing Power Plant in Yanbu 1. The new Power Plant has a plot area of 1,228 m x 1,226 m and three new STG 21, 22, and 23 with a capacity of 275 MW each and total generation of 825 MW.