Marafiq is committed to delivering safe, secure, reliable, and economical electrical power to our customers through operational excellence. Marafiq's power transmission network carries electrical power from generating plants to the substations which delivers electricity to the customers. Major industrial customers are directly connected to the main switchyards. The transmission of electrical power is done through 259 km length of underground cables and 52 km overhead transmission lines with a voltage level of 380 kV and 115 kV. Marafiq's transmission network is interconnected with the Saudi National Grid at SWCC Yanbu through 380kV intertie lines. The interconnected grid system increases the reliability of the power system.

The operations, planning, monitoring, and control of the Marafiq power network are carried out by the Load Dispatch Center, whose objectives are to:

  1. Match the power demand with system integrity, reliability, and security of generation and transmission facilities, including handling any related contingencies.
  2. Co-ordinate generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity from moment to moment to achieve maximum efficiency from the planning stage to actual operations.

Balance system load with generation continuously in real-time, through load forecast, generation maintenance, and power transmission maintenance and handle issuing dispatch instructions in real-time.