Power Transmission and Distribution Department is committed to deliver safe, reliable, continuous and cost effective power supply & services to the valuable customers of Yanbu Industrial City through high standards of performance and operational excellence.

The transmission and distribution of electrical power is done through an underground network of 380kV, 115KV, 34.5KV and 13.8KV cables and an overhead network of 380KV and 115KV transmission lines. The Yanbu Industrial City T&D network has also been interconnected with 380KV grid of Saudi Electric Company at SWCC Yanbu through 380KV intertie lines between Yanbu Industrial City Power Plants and SWCC Switchyard.

The existing power system consists of 115KV & 380KV main switchyards at both Power Plant complexes of Yanbu Industrial City, major substations 1A, 2B, 3C, 4D, 5E, 6F, 9I, 10J & 12L and satellite substations LIP31, LIP32, LIP33, LIP34 and 101.

Substations 1A, 3C, 4D, 9I, 10J, 12L, LIP31, LIP32, LIP33, LIP34 and 101 supply power to the industries while substations 2B, 5E and 6F supply power to the residential and commercial areas of Yanbu Industrial City through a network of 13.8KV cables connecting about 3,000 pad mounted switchgears and distribution transformers. Some of major industries are directly connected to main switchyards at both power plants.

Marafiq in Yanbu has a base of about 18,000 power consumers of different categories in the city, which is growing at the rate of approximately 250 consumers per annum.

Power supply to the prospective customers is available at various voltages depending upon the demand load and location of the facility/business. Power average service availability index is 99.985.