We implement sound policies and guidelines into our corporate culture to foster an atmosphere where supporting our employees, building on the company’s goals, and seeking new opportunities take priority.

Our compliance guidelines encourage transparency, honesty, and ethical behavior across all aspects of our business. We uphold our promise of providing sustainable solutions and responsibly delivering multi-service utilities by fulfilling our ethical commitments to our company, stakeholders, partners, suppliers, and environment.

Professional Code of Conduct Policy

At Marafiq, we ensure employee rights and legal compliance with a well-developed code of conduct policy. As a result, our competent workforce moves forward in the right direction by adhering to the core values of excellence, respect, and accountability. 

Our business conduct is based on trust and integrity, with the highest ethical standards as the ultimate foundation of all our actions. The comprehensive guidelines enhance the decision-making of our governance while supporting our endeavors with successful practices, including risk management and employee protection.

Conflict of Interest and Related Party Transaction Policy

Any ethical concerns regarding third-party relations are subject to reviewal from the executive committee. In case of any perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest, our employees must consult this policy to safeguard organizational interests and reputation.


Executive & Risk
Committee Charter

Our supervisory committee supports the Board of Directors in risk governance, assessment, and management with detailed guidelines on the company’s capital and funding.

Blowing Policy

The biggest asset of Marafiq is our people. They have the freedom to report and stop any unethical behavior or immoral actions happening around them. The purpose of the policy is to strengthen a culture of transparency and encourage them to communicate through proper channels.

Governance Manual

Our corporate governance essentially drives business success by establishing effective policies and management systems. We are constantly improving our practices and incorporating world-class standards into our day-to-day operations.

& Contracts Policy

Our ethical obligation to suppliers and partners comprises fair trade practices and environment-friendly initiatives. Moreover, Marafiq benefits from an extensive supplier network by maintaining health and safety standards across all channels.

Unethical Activities

We appreciate early detection of any malpractice within the company. Use this confidential method to alert the chain of command about any unethical or illegal practices taking place within the company or regarding our business.


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