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PDP Graduation Ceremony

Monday, 13 January was a special day for Professional Development Program (PDP) graduates in Jubail. They were all called to the conference room at Head Office to attend the weekly EMT meeting. Eager young faces mingled with older, much more experienced ones around the room. One by one the PDP graduates were called to come forward to receive their certificates from President and CEO Abdullah Al-Buainain. Beaming with pride each one posed for the camera, showing off his certificate.

Mr. Al-Buainain then addressed the group of graduates, congratulating them on the successful completion of their in-house training period and thanking them for their dedication and hard work.

“You are still young and your whole future and career lie ahead. We in the EMT are already deep into the second half of our careers. We have all started where you are now. We have gone through the same experience”, he said. “One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned is that you have to enjoy your work. Only you can make the difference between being unhappy in your work, or enjoying it. Find enjoyment and job satisfaction in yourself. Pride yourself in the quality of your own work and be comfortable in your surroundings.”

The CEO added that young people always seem to think that the grass is greener on the other side. This is because they tend to look to external forces for enjoyment and job satisfaction instead of finding it in themselves. One has to focus on the positive, set goals for oneself, and constantly look for and grab opportunities in your own surroundings. Learning and gaining experience is a life-long process.

Marafiq has until now accepted close to 200 university graduates for the PDP. The three-year program provides young Saudi graduates the opportunity to enter the job market in a framework of learning through doing. They work in various environments where they can apply their talents and acquired skills in new situations. From this basis they develop their expertise to enhance not only their own performance and productivity, but also that of the company.