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Water Yanbu - Water Production

Marafiq Water Production Department in Yanbu produces standard quality of Potable water for the community and high quality of Process water for Industries in Yanbu Industrial City with installed capacity of 146,160 cubic meter per day and provides the industries with sea water as a cooling water.

The Process and Potable water are produced through 9 Multi Stage Flash units and one Reverse Osmosis plant ( consist of 6 trains ).

The produced water is stored in Tank Farm area in three potable storage tanks and other three Process tanks each tank has a 40,000 cubic meter storage capacity.

In tank farm area the potable water is treated to meet the standard quality of WHO; RC as well as MARAFIQ standards. At the same time, the major chemicals and fuels are stored in Tank Farm area to provide it to the internal consumer when needed.

RO plant stage II is installed to allow RO plant to produce process water to meet the required quality of process water .

Many projects being constructed in Water Production department to enhance the plant availability and reliably:

60,000 cubic meter Process water tank.
New CO2 plant to support the Potablization process
New Seawater Pump with capacity of 60,000 cubic meter per hour
New Hypo chlorinator plants for disinfection of Seawater network piping system

Being the only provider of Potable and Process water in Yanbu Industrial City, the department carries demanding responsibility, the job remains crucial. Ever increasing demand of the utilities, aging plants, difficulties in procurement of the material, spare parts and resources in the region have been the main challenges in process of accomplishment of our mission.

Within seven years of formation of MARAFIQ the completion of major tasks and diversified programs had contributed to the development and progress of MARAFIQ in all dimensions. Commitments are honored and the actual demand of Process water and Potable Water has been fulfilled satisfactorily. So far the objectives are achieved and believed to be assessed with satisfaction.