Sustainable Business Operations

Energy Efficiency

The increasing demand for power in the Kingdom indicates an energy-dependent future for the community. Marafiq aims to establish and incorporate energy efficiency strategies for all plants and industries to ensure a safe and sustainable tomorrow.


By inculcating the latest technology in our facilities, we are promoting initiatives to reduce energy consumption throughout the company. Implementing an integrated energy efficiency approach leads us to reduce our carbon emissions, enhance our operational excellence, and become an environmentally conscious service provider.


JWAP Cogeneration Plant

The Jubail IWPP Plant is a dual-purpose facility with a combined-cycle-based power generation plant producing up to 50% more electricity as compared to a single-cycle plant. The plant uses natural gas as fuel and generates additional power via steam turbines. The waste heat from the plant is recycled using Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) to make thermal energy which in turn enhances the efficiency of electricity generation. Since less fuel is used in this process, emissions are reduced, and production is doubled.

The entire plant comprising gas and steam turbines yields 2,745 MW of electricity without any energy loss during the procedure. As one of the most notable power plants across the world, Jubail Water and Power Company (JWAP) has significantly impacted Marafiq’s sustainability approach by protecting the environment and lowering carbon emissions.

Sustainable Business Operations

Health and Safety


At Marafiq, we take sustainability initiatives from within. Our workforce holds the key to the long-term success and agility of the company, hence their safety and health become our priority.



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