Circular Carbon


Eco-conscious decisions for preventing
climate change.

Promoting the Circular Carbon Economy to establish Saudi Arabia as an international leader in sustainability.

Marafiq is a government partner in the reinforcement of the CCE framework across the industrial cities. The recent spike in greenhouse gas emissions forced climate activities to introduce an effective way of managing climate change. The CCE infrastructure revolves around reducing our carbon emissions, reusing the captured carbon, recycling the carbon into useful products, and finally removing the carbon emitted into the atmosphere. To implement this cycle, Marafiq has welcomed energy-efficient programs and technology.

Liquid Displacement Program

The transformational Liquid Displacement Program, launched by the Kingdom as a part of Saudi Vision 2030, aims to displace 1 million barrels per day of liquid fuels across utilities, industry and agriculture sectors by 2030.

Renewable energy and natural gas will be the chosen alternatives enabling the Kingdom to derive 50% of its electricity from renewables. Following program guidelines, the feedstock for Marafiq’s power generation plants in Yanbu will be converted from liquid fuels into natural gas.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Using our expertise and innovation
to protect the natural environment
while elevating the quality of life with
green alternatives.

Responsible Business

We perform responsibly across
the supply chain to provide safety,
security and diverse opportunities to
our employees.

Climate Change

Marafiq is revolutionizing the power
and water industries by consciously
designing strategies for climate


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