Rule 11: Focusing on Social Responsibility

Marafiq embraces the concept of social responsibility, committing to ethical conduct and contributing to sustainable community development, particularly for its employees, by improving living, social, and economic conditions, reducing unemployment, and optimally utilizing available resources.

The company believes that its success and growth are linked to its awareness of social responsibility, encompassing values like solidarity and responsibility towards shareholders, employees, community members, stakeholders, and related parties. Understanding and valuing this process positively impact the company's development, prosperity, and reputation, increasing profitability and enhancing its reputation.

Marafiq's social responsibility focuses on:

  1. Continuous ethical conduct according to laws and general norms.
  2. Sustainable contribution to economic and social development by:
  3. Attracting national labor.
  4. Improving living conditions for employees and their families, and the local community.
  5. Empowering women and giving them leadership roles in the company.
  6. Providing fresh graduates with job opportunities and high-level training to contribute to human development.

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