Business Ethics

Marafiq employees conduct all external transactions with high standards of integrity and accountability. Our policies are implemented across the company and are evaluated regularly to ensure our organizational values meet the industry requirements.

  • Marafiq and its employees shall adhere to all laws applicable to them whenever Marafiq operates. In this respect, no employee shall enter into any agreement, take any action, or furnish any information which violates applicable laws.
  • Employees shall never use their position for any personal gain and shall strictly adhere to Marafiq’s policies regarding business ethical conduct.
  • Any employee of Marafiq, either in their personal capacity or as a director of a company, is prohibited from participating in bidding for any Marafiq supply, service or contract requirement. 
  • Any employee or the Board Member of Marafiq who has an interest, or whose immediate family member(s) and/or business associate(s) has/have an interest in any company or undertaking with which the Company proposes to enter into a contract, will disclose the nature of his interest, in the case of an employee, to his immediate superior for onward necessary action including approval. Marafiq Board Members will notify the same to the Board.
  • Price and other commercial information provided by Marafiq vendors shall be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to individuals outside of the Procurement & Contracts Department without the written approval of the P&C Department Manager.
  • Employees of Marafiq shall conduct the Company's business with impartiality and fairness, giving equal courtesy and consideration to vendors. The business of Marafiq shall generally be opened to all approved vendors except in the case of proprietary spares or where the Company has declared a policy of standardization.
  • No Marafiq employee involved in any form of procurement and contracting activities will either seek or accept, whether directly or indirectly, any gifts, gratuities, or any form of compensation, benefit, or persuasion from any vendor or entity doing or seeking to do business with Marafiq in exchange of any information or any favorable decision that will influence impartial conduct of action when discharging his duties.
  • As Marafiq is committed to fair and honest business practices, it requires all staff never to offer or accept payment and/or undue favors or gifts from Marafiq’s customer, contractor, consultants, and/or supplier or any third party in exchange for gaining or keeping the business relations. In case of any offered gifts, travel, hospitality or entertainment offered or similar in nature shall be in accordance with Marafiq Compliance Policy.

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