Digital Transformation

The company has adopted an approach that develops several programs that enable it to accelerate its digital operations to improve its efficiency and effectiveness in most of the areas in which it operates. Among the efforts that were completed during the year 2023 AD is the implementation of the smart operations platform for the digital transformation of operations at the reverse osmosis plant in Yanbu 1, as this platform aims to raise the level of services provided to our customers, and this led to achieving many benefits, including:

In continuation of the efforts made, the planning phase for the second phase of the digital transformation project has also been completed, which includes developing the smart operations platform for other plants in the company. In addition, the company developed new modules for the platform, such as the total delivery cost module, which helped the company manage operational costs better.

As part of its plan for digital transformation, the company has completed its project to install smart electrical meters in the city of Yanbu. These meters allow for reading and even billing without any human intervention. They also allow for the monitoring of consumption in a comprehensive manner. Real time through smart device applications and obtaining detailed information about electricity consumption, which contributes by raising the quality of services to customers.

The company also recently succeeded in completing the HANA 4/S SAP project, which contributed positively to enabling the company to access and analyze information with high accuracy, in addition to the ability to provide many reports that support management decision-making. Among the company’s digital transformation objectives is adopting advanced manufacturing technologies and raising levels of automation and digitization of operational processes. The company has completed an assessment of measuring the maturity of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies according to the international SIRI methodology, which was conducted by a certified evaluator and under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources. The results of the evaluation indicated the company’s distinction in achieving an advanced level in terms of operational systems and high technology.


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