Rule 6: Promoting Professional Conduct and Ethical Values

Instilling a culture of professional conduct and ethical values within the company enhances investor confidence in the company's integrity and financial soundness. Adhering to the company's internal policies and legal and regulatory requirements by all employees, including board members, executive management, and other employees, serves the interests of all stakeholders, particularly shareholders, with high transparency and no conflicts of interest.

The company has approved a professional conduct policy, prepared according to the CMA's Corporate Governance Regulations. Marafiq and its subsidiaries continuously strive to adhere to ethical principles and regulatory instructions, enhancing its reputation and brand through the diligent efforts of its management and employees across various positions. By applying the highest operational standards and ethical professional conduct, the company serves its customers and stakeholders, ensuring the provision of the best services. Principles of trust, responsibility, honesty, and respect form the foundation of the company's reputation and the value it offers to customers and stakeholders, preserving these values through the actions of all employees, who reflect the company's best image and protect its reputation.

This policy aims to:

  1. Define the professional and ethical standards required of all company and subsidiary employees.
  2. Ensure all employees adhere to the highest behavioral, professional, and ethical standards, such as honesty, integrity, and responsibility.
  3. Help identify and address ethical and behavioral issues.
  4. Urging all members of the company and its subsidiaries to take responsibility for their actions and to act not only in accordance with the letter of the legal regulations or rules but also to uphold the spirit of these regulations and rules. They must commit to integrity, impartiality, clarity, and transparency when making decisions or handling matters.

In accordance with the above, this policy applies to all members of the company and its subsidiaries, from the chairmen and members of the boards of directors to all employees, whether working full or part-time, including contractors from recruitment companies, security guards, hospitality and cleaning workers, and other workers affiliated with external parties.

Furthermore, promoting professional conduct requires regulating the handling of material information and special nature contracts. The company has adopted a policy in this area, prepared according to the CMA's Corporate Governance Regulations. This policy clarifies the handling of material information by internal insiders, detailing the reasons and procedures for prohibitions. It aims to enhance ongoing awareness of market financial system violations and the company's governance efforts to protect investors from unfair or improper practices, ensuring fairness, efficiency, and transparency in the company's securities transactions. This policy also addresses the confidentiality of preparatory work, board and committee meetings, and transactions with related parties.


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