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Water Conservation

With a lack of sufficient natural water resources, Saudi Arabia mainly relies on water desalination to meet its daily needs. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has over 25% global water desalination capacity and fulfills around 70% of its drinking water requirements through the process.

However, desalination is a complex process requiring a high amount of fuel. Looking at the high per capita consumption of Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s highest in the world (263 liters per capita daily), water desalination can negatively impact the environment due to excessive fuel consumption.

To mitigate the alarming situation, the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture launched the Qatrah program in 2019. The initiative focuses on rationalizing the use of water and aims to reduce consumption by nearly 43% by 2030.

Marafiq supports the government’s vision to conserve water as we firmly believe and endorse that sustainable water is vital for sustainable development.

Therefore, we guide and educate our residential and commercial customers to adopt sustainable practices and save water for our future generations.

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