Supplier Engagement via SAP Ariba

Registration of Suppliers

All vendors and manufacturers interested in becoming a part of Marafiq’s value chain can self-register online. 

To enable Marafiq to know the potentials and capabilities of the vendors in all aspects of discipline, you are requested to fill out all necessary required fields and submit proper documentations

To register with Marafiq, please click on the below link:

Please be aware that completing the initial online supplier or contractor registration does not grant your business "Approved" status as a Marafiq supplier nor ensure that it will obtain RFQs, RFPs, POs, or contracts from Marafiq. It is only the initial stage of the required procedure to conduct business with Marafiq. We may get in touch with you based on the demands of our business.


Register with Marafiq using below link:

Click on the link below:

Onboarding is a gradual process.

Onboarding all suppliers on day one is operationally not feasible.

If you need any assistance with the registration procedure, you may send email to:


Report Unethical

We appreciate early detection of any malpractice within
the company. Use this confidential method to alert
the chain of command about any unethical or illegal
practices taking place within the company or regarding
our business.



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