Sustainable Business Operations

Environmental Performance

Marafiq’s success depends on understanding the impact of our operations on our environment.


We lead the industry responsibly through an approach grounded in the well-being of our people, environment, and ecosystem. With a promise to protect sensitive environments, our experts identify, incorporate and initiate sustainable energy and power solutions, lowering the adverse impact of our treatment and power plants. 


Regulatory Measures

To monitor our impact and highlight areas of improvement, Marafiq adheres to the extensive regulatory requirements for operating in the region. As the primary regulator of the four industrial cities, Royal Commission issued the Royal Commission Environmental Regulations in 2015 to ensure the environment remains safe and clean for the neighboring communities. The guidelines provide a framework that governs all our activities and offer an Environmental Permit to Construct (EPC) and an Environmental Permit to Operate (EPO). 

Reclaiming Wastewater

The sanitary and industrial wastewater is collected and treated to produce non-potable water for safe irrigation and firefighting. The reclaimed water ensures optimal usage of natural resources while complying with the green initiatives taken by the industrial cities of Jubail and Yanbu.

The irrigation water is stored and primarily utilized for landscape development. If there is any surplus of treated water, it is stored in an artificial large lagoon in Jubail and discharged to the Red Sea in Yanbu. The water discharged is free from any contaminants and safe for the marine ecosystem. 

Building Value

Technology Development


We are building the organization to be future-ready and technologically equipped as a part of our long-term strategic plan.



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Jubail Industrial City, 31961, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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