Environmental, Social and Governance Practices Committee

Marafiq places the utmost importance on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. The company's management has established a permanent committee for this purpose, ensuring its formation aligns with Marafiq's governance regulations as well as the governance standards of the Capital Market Authority in Saudi Arabia. This regulation clarifies the mechanism for appointing committee members, their specializations, and all matters related to its meetings, legal quorum, and procedures.

Through this committee, the company aims to establish stable and consistent rules for its operations and specializations in monitoring and implementing ESG standards. These standards form a comprehensive operational framework used to identify the company's material risks and growth opportunities, driving sustainable and long-term commercial performance. The committee's goals align with the concepts of sustainable investment, socially responsible investment, and impactful investment. Collectively, these terms embody the standards guiding the company's operations, aiming to study potential investment options and integrate values and interests into a unified approach.

The committee focuses on achieving the following three practices:

  1. Environmental Practices (Environmental Standards): These relate to the company's impact on its surrounding environment and its ability to mitigate various harmful risks. This includes the company's carbon footprint, energy efficiency record, waste management, and natural resource conservation, in accordance with relevant local and international standards.
  2. Social Practices (Community Standards): These concern the company's relationships with other businesses, its standing in the local community, commitment to workforce diversity and inclusion, charitable contributions, and adherence to employment policies that promote health and safety.
  3. Governance Standards: These evaluate the company's internal processes, such as the transparent implementation of rules and procedures according to a consistent strategy, stakeholder relationships, and internal regulations designed to prevent conflicts of interest and unethical behavior.

This committee serves as the primary support for the company's management efforts in developing all company sectors. It is a key mechanism for implementing the company's strategic policies and programs, facilitating communication between the executive management and its members through ongoing activities and programs.


The committee's formation covers the three aforementioned areas, consisting of senior employees as follows:


Committee Name

Marafiq's Environmental, Social, and Governance Practices Committee


Committee Members

Job title


Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Committee

Chief Human Resources and Services Officer

Committee Member

CEO of Masa Services for Operation and Maintenance

Committee Member

Chief Strategy and Performance Officer

Committee Member

Chief Safety and Security Officer

Committee Member

Director of Public Relations and Communications

Committee Member

Director of Procurement and Support

Committee Member

Senior Investor Relations Advisor

Committee Member

Principal Consultant Governance and Compliance

Committee Member

Chief Technical Asset Management Officer

Secretary of the Committee and has the right to vote


Committee Responsibilities

  • Study all matters related to the environmental and social sectors and provide appropriate proposals for their development.
  • Review relevant legislation affecting the environmental sector or the category represented by the committee, provide opinions, and establish and review policies, procedures, programs, and key performance indicators.
  • Identify issues affecting the environmental and community sectors or categories, formulate proposals or recommendations for solutions, actions, or events aimed at addressing and mitigating these problems.
  • Assess the impact of local, regional, and international economic events and changes on the performance of entities within the environmental and community sectors, and determine necessary actions.
  • Review and approve studies and strategies related to the environment and community activities, as well as governance plans prepared by the relevant departments within the company.
  • Commit to and support sustainability and continuous improvement of environmental and social activities impacting the local community and governance and business performance.
  • Evaluate environmental, social, and governance risk standards that could potentially affect the company's activities.
  • Conduct field visits to inspect the implementation of the committee's outputs and review the key elements of environmental, community, and governance activities across all fields.

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