Building Value

Technology Development


Empowering the future with innovation.

We are building the organization to be the future-ready and technologically equipped as a part of our long-term strategic plan. As a result, the company is adopting and exploring the ideas and technology from around the globe.

Our technology development team  consistently pushes the boundaries of finding innovative  solutions and unlocking our true potential. We collaborate with original equipment manufactures (OEM) and research centers like King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to solve industry challenges and maximize efficiency. 
By integrating new technologies, we aim to make our operations more stable, resilient, and cost-effective and our services more reliable and consumer-friendly.
Digital Technology

Cutting-Edge IT Infrastructure

The Marafiq Group has a robust, scalable, and secure digital infrastructure capable of handling future demands. We have invested in industry-standard digital technology and best practices to ensure the highest reliability and service delivery.

At Marafiq, Enterprise Resource Planning System SAP is the prime platform for day-to-day operations. In addition, advanced mobile technologies based on the SAP mobile platform are used to keep Information Technology systems updated per the industry standard. Furthermore, the company plans to deploy SAP business applications with S4/HANA 2020 FP 2.0 as a new generation platform to meet future demands.

To optimize our operations, we have migrated to local cloud-based systems that spearhead the automation for increased productivity and inevitable high profitability. Moreover, a new modular data center has enabled our networking capabilities helping us boost our performance, scalability, and efficiency.

Our organization’s cyber security is advanced and ensures maximized protection of our company data and Information Technology services. The security system follows a robust information security program that is designed in line with the company regulations. In addition, a security operation center operates  24/7 to monitor, detect, and respond to any cybersecurity threats across the network.


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