Marafiq seeks with all its cadres and executive and administrative leaders to combat all illegal acts, and the company has issued a policy under the name of "Reporting Illegal Violations and Abuses" policy, which was prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where this policy was prepared to achieve the principle of transparency and integrity in the conduct of the company's business and create an environment that urges employees to report and disclose illegal activities or violating public order, whether it is an incident or a potential occurrence and conducting an investigation thereon, this policy also includes urging contractors, suppliers and contractors to disclose and report without any fear of reprisals and subsequent discrimination for any fraud or any activity or behavior contrary to public order and contrary to ethics and morals, or any harmful behavior that may cause them to believe in financial loss to the company or damage to its reputation, the safety of persons and the environment, or the security of the company or society. This policy ensures that whistleblowers' personal data is kept confidential and protected.

This policy provides a platform for whistleblowers to express their concerns to the competent authority in the company regarding any suspicious or unwanted events/activities that contradict the company's policies or may have a negative impact on the company's business or reputation.

This policy also aims to develop the main controls that will help detect and reduce fraud, embezzlement, corruption and abuse of power in the company, enhance organizational efforts against this behavior and its indicators, strengthen the company's governance and internal control means and develop procedures that would enable specialists to take appropriate action in the event of suspected incidents of fraud, embezzlement or corruption. This policy applies to any legal violation "fraud, embezzlement, corruption or abuse of power" committed by the Company's employees, shareholders, consultants, suppliers, contractors, and/or any other party who has a business/benefit relationship with the Company. It applies to all crimes against property and those affecting both reputation and morality.

This policy covers two complementary aspects:

  • The preventive aspect: which focuses on the main axes that the company and all its departments must take to combat corruption, and in this regard, the rules stipulated in this policy are general and main rules, and the company, represented by its executive management, must develop executive rules and policies to combat corruption, fraud and illegal acts.
  • The therapeutic or control aspect: which focuses on the main axes of control on the first side by organizing the reporting of violations and illegal acts, which is the competence of the internal audit department in the company in coordination with the audit committee of the company's board of directors.


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