Sustainable Business Operations

Health and Safety

At Marafiq, we take sustainability initiatives from within. Our workforce holds the key to the long-term success and agility of the company, hence their safety and health become our priority.

Without the brilliance of our experts, reaching beyond momentary goals is impossible. They are the minds behind the innovations and the force behind our victories. The company considers the hazards accompanying our complex work and maintains the highest standards of safety and security by forming a Security, Safety, Health and Environment Committee (SSHEC). 

The committee strives for continuous improvement by governing the implementation and modifications of the health and safety protocols across the company. They have developed a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) in Jubail and Yanbu in the form of compliance guidelines, policies and hazard management instructions.



We encourage programs and initiatives focused on employee well-being and healthcare. When our people are at their best, they deliver the best. 


As a responsible employer, partner and supplier, we remain committed to safeguarding our communities, employees and stakeholders. Safety on and off the field is one of the core values at Marafiq and continues to be the driving force behind our decisions.

From maintaining a safer Lost-Time Incident Rate (LTIR) company-wide to spreading awareness of the risks associated with the job, we incorporate Life-Saving Actions in our daily operations. The SSHEC forms subcommittees to further mitigate the risks and ensure smooth employee productivity. 

The Safety Awareness Committee, one of the subcommittees of SSHEC, identifies and recommends safety priority areas for promotional programs, develops educational content and course for employee safety and evaluates the effectiveness of interventions with surveys. 

Similarly, the Committee for Contractor Safety inspects contractor workplace, generates behavior-based safety awareness, recommends areas for safety programs, and develops the criteria for the safest contractors award and certificates for one contractor company in Jubail and one in Yanbu. These initiatives provide recognition and appreciation, instilling safer practices across the network. 


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