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Power Conservation

Saudi Arabia uses petroleum products and Sales gas for the majority of its power production. The electricity consumption in summers increases significantly as domestic demand rises due to heavy usage of air conditioners.

The electricity consumption of the Kingdom is relatively high in terms of per capita consumption. This rapid surge in energy demand has forced the government to initiate several energy conservation programs.

The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC) has implemented the use of energy efficiency standards and labels in order to reduce demand for energy consumption successfully. Extending our full support to the organization, we endorse and encourage our consumers to buy energy-efficient appliances, especially air conditioning units, to save energy and also
on utility bills.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia plans to produce about 50% of its renewable energy by 2030. This step will significantly help to conserve our valuable natural resources while diversifying our national economy.

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Currently headquartered in Jubail, Marafiq is one of the
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in Royal Commission industrial cities and Jazan City for
Primary and Downstream Industry (JCPDI).



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